How to write resume cover letters?

How to write resume cover letters?

This page will guide you to quickly write your own resume cover letter. It is often much simpler (and quicker) to just write your own rather than endlessly searching the web trying to find a sample only to then have to change the sample to suit your needs.

By saying this I am not implying that you should not look at samples – resume samples are great to give your ideas, but keep in mind that it may just be simpler to write your own once you know what you want to say. To help you get this done in the shortest possible time I will show you what to include in your resume cover letter, show you some samples – then you just have to write the one pager…

Contact Information

  • Your contact information needs to be included on your cover letter as well as your resume.
  • Use the same header as you do on your resume for consistency.


  • Include the date on which you intend to send the letter.

Company Information

  • As with a traditional business letter, include the name of the company,
  • The name of the person you are contacting,
  • His or her title, and
  • The company address.


  • Address your letter as “Dear” followed by a comma (,) NOTE: Ideally you will address your letter to a specific person, but if not, use the person’s job title in the company information and address your letter to “Dear Hiring Manager” or something very similar.
  • Do not use Mr. or Mrs. as you do not know the gender of the person who will read the letter.

The Body Of The Letter

This is where it gets tricky.

  1. Firstly, identify the name of the position for which you would like to be considered followed by how you heard of the position.
  2. Then go on to sell your services.
  3. Address your history and relevant qualifications.
  4. If possible, list some specific achievements, so long as they are not a verbatim repetition of how the information is presented on your resume.

Contrary to some beliefs, and contrary to what you may see in many resume cover letter examples, your letter does not need to be very long. One or two brief paragraphs are enough. You may also incorporate bullet lists to make the reading easier. Hiring managers only spend a few seconds reading a cover letter. If your letter is long and dense, the reader is more likely to miss critically important information, or worse yet, pass over your letter and resume for someone else.

Spelling And Grammar

A cover letter follows standard rules of writing. Ensure that your letter has no sentence fragments, is grammatically correct, uses correct punctuation, and has no spelling errors.


The closing paragraph should reiterate your interest in the position and give a phone number where you can be reached. Thank the reader for his/her consideration.


Use the standard format of typing your name and including four spaces in which to sign your name. Do not forget to sign your letter. Doing so demonstrates your inability to monitor details and your lack of professionalism.