Yog-ee.com is always looking for ways to express to people who have never tried yoga, why they should begin. Lindsey at Yoga~Nu~u has come up with a really great way to do this. A graffiti wall!

REAL people are writing down 3 words about what yoga means to them and then posting them on Lindsey’s website. Newbies can see first hand how people feel about yoga in their life. These words also support the Yog-ee.com dream to get more people to class and experience yoga first hand.

Such a diverse range of statements is so wonderful. It means different things to different people.

Do any of these words resonate with you? Do you have words of your own you wish to share? Share at Yoga~Nu~u.

My words are ‘A CALM MIND‘. I am a busy bee in my natural state. This means I can be a worrier, inefficient and easily get knackered! Yoga makes me calmer and brings balance to my life.

I asked my COMMUNITY YOGA CLASS to write down their words to support the graffiti wall. Thank you, girls, for contributing and expressing what coming to class means to you. As a teacher, this is extremely insightful.