After the festive break are you feeling a bit …


And the thought of getting back to yoga after a break make you feel a bit …


Here are some top tips to get you started back.

1. It doesn’t have to be all yoga or no yoga. Ease yourself back, just one gentle class the first week is perfect even if your normal routine is several energetic classes a week. Build from there.

2. Be compassionate with yourself and know you will feel a little stiff and your Up Dog pose may look a little more Cobra pose at the moment, but enjoy the feeling that being on your mat is like seeing an old friend – comfortable and familiar.

3. Mention to the teacher you have had a break if that helps you feel more comfortable to take it easy, you will not be alone! Teachers know how it is and are most probably not even paying attention to students performances anyway. Relax!

4. Remember our expectation is generally much worse than our reality… it probably won’t be that bad!  Congratulate yourself for having the courage to get back in the room. Your mind and body will thank you!


Why not start back easy with Chill Out Yoga with or similar class near you.