The latest Ayurvedic practice to reach the mainstream is Oil Pulling.

Many people are discovering this ancient practice and taking it up as part of their morning routine.

I first heard about this practice from my step father, who has been doing practicing for months now.

To be fair the thought repulsed me a bit, but hey I was willing to give it a try in the name of health.

This unusual practice involves swilling coconut oil around your mouth for up to 20 minutes each morning.

In the mainstream the apparently the focus is to actually achieve whiter teeth!

When I mentioned it to my 16 year old son (after he heard my first attempted in the bathroom one morning eek!)

He said “Oh yeah the girls at school do that”


Our school regime was a bit of hairspray and a skoosh of Impulse. Not healthy in the slightest!

The benefit claims in India range from reducing aches and pains, drawing out toxins from the tissue to reversing heart disease.

Although unproven as such, the mechanics behind the science has some merit.

But it is the dental hygiene that seems most plausible.

Good healthy gums (linked to the heart in many studies) seems to be achieved with oil pulling if nothing else.

Keeping foreign microbes out of the blood stream appears to be the key.

Does it whiten teeth? I will let you know as I have only just begun. As with any holistic approach to health the results are never instant.

My first attempt was a disaster. I could not handle the consistency of the hard unmelted butter like coconut oil. Most went down the toilet along with lots of coughing and spluttering – nice!

My second attempt with a very small amount went better (half a teaspoon at most).

The melted oil I can cope with. I have to just hold it there until it melts and then I can manage the swirling around (just).

Too much enthusiasm sends me over the edge though (of the toilet!)

20 minutes is quite a long stretch in the morning, especially if the kids need chased to get up and ready, so I have worked out a routine of shower and hair wash whilst swirling.

It has been about two weeks now, with the odd day off, but I do have to say afterwards I do feel incredibly clean afterwards.

I have a gentle Aloe Vera Mouth to hand for afterwards, that I thought I would be trying to gulp down to get rid of the taste, but in fact there really wasn’t a taste.

I do have to replace the coconut oil once during the 20 minutes, as the small amount I can handle simple isn’t enough to last, but that’s ok.

REMEMBER – the oil turns to liquid and picks up bacteria and germs, so DO NOT dispose down the basin or swallow (spit it in the loo)

I use only ORGANIC coconut oil but there are other recommended oil types you can use too.

Read more about the actual method here.

Let me know if you are going to give it a try and how you get on!