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If you want to transform, shift ‘stuff’ and build strength physically and mentally this style of yoga could be for you. Well worth a read to find out. # yoga



Hot Yoga has been around for many years and is a popular choice amongst athletes, celebrities and the general public. The pioneer of this form of yoga is Bikram, a series of 26 postures performed twice in 40 degree heat. The benefits of Bikram have been well documented across the world, with studios still packed with devotees.

I teach Fiercegrace (FG) Hot Yoga, a relative newcomer to the Hot Yoga world, created by one of the UK’S most experienced Yoga teachers, Michelle Pernetta. FG is a five class system, based around the same core poses that repeat through all the classes.

How did it come about? The founder of Fiercegrace, Michelle Pernetta, was herself a Bikram senior teacher and was the first person to bring Hot Yoga to the UK 14 years ago. She set up several Bikram studios in London, has lead workshops across the world and was one of the Bikram championship judges’.

Michelle began experimenting with other forms of yoga, studying Ashtanga Vinyasa and delving into other forms of training, and from this she began trying to create her ‘perfect yoga class’. She soon realised that there was no one perfect class that would touch every part of the body or support every mood or energy level, so she created five classes, Fierce Grace, Classic, Core, The Fix and Fierce.

The key elements of the classes are mixed flow with static poses, deep yin stretches with power core strengtheners, interval training and flowing circular poses with liner static poses. Add the heat to the above, 38 degrees to be exact, and you are left with a practice that challenges you and nurtures you both within the same class.

The aim of Fierce Grace is to offer some repetition, hence the core postures which feature in each class, and to include other postures which will help open and strengthen muscles which may have been lying dormant for several years. There really is something for everyone within the five class system.

I think FG has just enough hard stuff to attract those who prefer a stronger practice and a good balance of the more relaxing postures which will appeal to those wanting a softer practice. They’ve tried to appeal to both sides of our brains, the Left: discipline and linear rigidity and the Right: loose and undisciplined. In any one class you can expect a warrior series, balancing series, deep twists, hip openers, an abdominal routine, planks, arm strengthening, forward bends, backward bends, toe stretches and breathing exercises.

Its four years since FG hit the market with their classes and teacher training and things are spreading fast, with studios across Europe. I love teaching FG and introducing people to this form of Hot Yoga in Scotland and I’m currently the only FG class in Scotland, but probably not for long.

As a former sports person, who needed Hot Yoga to help with my injuries, I have really benefitted over the years from keeping up a consistent practice. It’s the one thing which I believe works to balance out your muscles, joints, hormones and keep your skin glowing. The added bonus, one which I never realised, is the mental clarity and concentration you achieve due to standing in a hot room, focused for 90 minutes on balancing, stretching, opening and strengthening your body. It really is powerful stuff and what we westerners probably need more and more due to our lifestyles.

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