Lovely group photo of all those who shared a unique experience this weekend.

A huge thank you to Mark at @Kridakayoga fleslie-group_dsc0295-sept-16or organising the brilliant Leslie Kaminoff – Yoga Anatomy training weekend.

Mind blowing stuff! I’m going to try this and try that, walk on three points of my feet and use my psoas with much more awareness and boy… my classes have got some new stuff coming their way!

Leslie also has online training if you wish to know more –
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Got my certificate too! Love the blurb at the end, it made me smile and is unique, just like Leslie.
It says something like this.
This certifies that the person named above showed up for [some/most/all] of the indicated session and appeared awake, though there’s no way for me to know whether they were listening or whether they [absorbed/understood] what it said – let alone how effectively they will choose to communicate it. Additionally, there is no way for me to determine the teaching ability or qualities of the person named above, regardless of how much I may have [like/tolerated] [him/her]. The recipient of this document bears full responsibility for demonstrating to the public the quality and efficacy of their skills, and communicating honestly the true extent of their training.