Kundalini pic from Carolyn

Kundalini yoga is a practice you may not have tried. If you think this is similar to a general yoga class, then you’re in for a ride! This style of yoga consists of Kriyas (simple physical excersices), whilst focusing on breathing and finishing with meditation and chants, making this the most spiritual type of yoga.

Even if you have already practised another style of yoga, I would really urge you to get along to a Kundalini class and experience it for yourself, and from there, decide if this style is for you.

Classes are in demand. Since starting a Kundalini class on a Tuesday evening, Carolyn of @Yogibytheway has had such a huge amount of interest that she has confirmed that she will be running a second class on a Monday evening at @Movement Studio in the west end. Click here for details.

Seasonal Yoga Academy on the southside also has a Kundalini class. Click here for details