Where’s Your Place?
By Lindsey Porter www.yoganuu.com

Nov 2016


Do you have a place where you live or where whenever you visit you feel like it’s always new, fresh and has that inexplicable appealing sparkle to it?

That place for me is the City of Edinburgh. From my first visit during University holidays to living in the centre as a career banker in my 30s and now in my 40s I still get that same spark and thrill when I visit, from living half an hour away.

And if we can feel like this about a place or things, can we feel the same about our yoga practice?

What are the ingredients for your yoga fairy dust that keeps you returning to your yoga mat? When you explore and have this awareness it can be easier to encourage a more regular practice, helpful in achieving a more balanced state of wellbeing. My fairy dust has become the virtual embrace of the yoga community, the folks that come to class, workshops and Retreat where together we share our postures, our breath, our laugh, along with the occasional grimace (it’s all about balance right?) through our practice. I have this continual drive to keep growing and expanding this special, sparkly community in class, on line, on social media – wherever!

May you find your place and your yoga mojo. And with increased awareness, like glitter, sprinkle your fairy dust whenever you need a little pick me up or encouragement to appreciate or re-find your sparkling yoga practice.


Lindsey Porter
Find out more about Lindsey Porter of Yoga~Nu~U at: www.yoganuu.com

Lindsey is an accomplished Project Manager in Financial Services who is now running her own business providing Wellbeing Retreats, Yoga classes, workshops and writing articles about yoga and wellbeing. She is an experienced Akhanda Hatha Yoga teacher, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master and Holistic Therapist.

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