When people find out I am a yoga teacher I often hear excuses about why they intend to but haven’t yet, taken up yoga.

7 Excuses

The top 7 I hear and how I would reply!

  1. Too tired. Actually studies show many yoga poses balance stress level and Cortisol so in fact yoga can give you energy. If you are feeling tired then yoga, unlike many other forms of exercise will help not hinder that tiredness. The feeling of tiredness will melt away very quickly in class and by the end you really will not feel tired. Relaxed, stretched, energised to name a few but not tired.
  2. Can’t afford. Yes some classes can seem a bit steep ranging from £5-£15 per session depending but really if you were to cut out the take away coffee even twice in a week or take in a packed lunch one day a week you are just about there. It’s an financial investment in your future health and worth every penny. In the end many people find they can build a home practice which cost nothing once they have the basics from a qualified teacher so it doesn’t even have to be a long term expense if time get hard!
  3. Too stressed – especially after work. It can seem like the last thing after a hard day is to not go straight home, possibly eat junk, drink wine and slump but going to yoga for the same reason and more regarding tiredness to resist and go to yoga. Yoga mentally encourages focus, concentration and wellbeing so the days at work may not even be so stressful with yoga in your life.
  4. Too many other things to do. Yip this is a big one! People we know are time poor and responsibility laden but really … one hour a week. If you were to cut out some TV, not surf for that new dress, stop gaming a bit and leave work on time one night a week, could we not generate some time and give it to something that will clear your head, flex and strengthen your body and offer your soul something more worthwhile.
  5. Tried yoga and I didn’t like it. When I ask more they tell me they went to a dynamic vinyasa flow which is fast and strong and their words not mine, “nearly killed me!” They explain they thought yoga was about OM’s and sitting cross legged then doing a few odd stretches somewhere in between. So, my comment would be they simply just chose the wrong style of class for them. The great thing about yoga now is there are hundreds of teachers and many different styles and really if your first experience wasn’t so good then don’t be put off. Shop around. Try new teachers, styles even times of the day. The perfect class is waiting for you. We can help you to find it if you are struggling just get in touch.
  6. I‘m not flexible enough. Quick answer: you don’t need to be! I previously posted about how being too flexible can be a hinderance. Gaining flexibility through yoga is a bi product and not necessary to get started.
  7. Too many women in a yoga class. I hear this from many men who have a fear of being the only male in the room. To be honest in some situations this is actually the case so they are not totally unjustified. However, those brave men who do go to a female dominated class say that after a while the really don’t notice the imbalance. If you are still not convinced be selective about the style of yoga you choose and even the time you go. Bikram and Hot Yoga classes appeal hugely to men, young and old due to its more athletic style. Or attend classes in the evening when more men are at least available than during the day. The increase in male attendance has increase dramatically in the last few year (yoga originally was only for men) so this issue will soon be in the past.