Our Yoga story and inspiration this week is Elnura a Bikram yoga teacher, who is embracing technology and has co-created Yoganect. It’s a unique social network for anyone who would love to be part of a global yoga movement. Like YEDTalks, their passion is connecting fellow yogis around the world. And watch this space for YEDTalks being shared via the Yoganect platform in the near future!
Online find them at:yoganect.com and their FB page: yoganect
Namaste x yoganect YEDtalks Yoganuu

Talks are free and you can find more at: www.yog-ee.com/blog, on SoundCloud, iTunes, Overcast and Player FM.
Yoga~Nu~U Yoganuu
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Listen on Soundcloud link below or on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/elnura-founder-yoganect-com-yoga-teacher-on-yedtalks/id1220910867?i=1000392554608&mt=2