With so many celebrities loving Birkram, what are the actual benefits of this sweaty, energetic style of yoga?

This week we will be running a guest blog from Linda at Bikram Yoga Southside who talks about the many benefits.

Linda also invites you to experience some of the benefits for yourself at their open weekend on 23 and 24 April 2016, for free!

The top 5 she claims are:

  1. Sports performance
  2. Health and beauty
  3. Healthy spine
  4. Medical conditions and injuries
  5. The mind

Today we look at her blog on sport performance!


Bikram Yoga helps to take your sport performance and recovery to the next level, reduces injury and corrects the damage caused by the high impact sports.  David Beckham, Andy Murray and Serena Williams, have all acknowledged that Bikram Yoga enhanced their performance.

Andy Murray, Kareem Abdul Jabaar & Serena Williams are all iconic Bikram devotees.

• Corrects and improves muscle imbalances in the injury prone zones: hips, thigh, pelvis, hamstrings, and knees. Stretching and strengthening the muscles in the heat is extremely effective.

• Improves the mobility / flexibility of the overall skeletal system; tendons ligaments and joints. Particularly effective in correcting inefficient or unhealthy running styles which in turn helps prevent injuries and improves performance.

• Many of the postures help to correctly align the knee, strengthen the arches to provide better shock absorbers and maintain healthy connective tissue in the foot and shin.

• Stretches, strengthens and improves the mobility of the spine. Having a healthy spine has a profound effect on the body and in most sports the spine suffers greatly.

• The passive nature of Bikram yoga cultivates awareness of body resistance, promoting release of tension to avoid injury.

• Improves circulation in connective tissue to help you recover and rejuvenate after sports.

• Bone density increases and hormones rebalance. This is particularly important to females who undertake endurance exercise such as long distanced running.

• Increases stamina and lung capacity.

• Improves breath control and concentration gaining a better awareness of the body which results in an increase in performance combined with a more relaxed and more efficient style.

• Develops awareness in, Breath, Balance, Concentration, Control, Efficiency, Flow, Precision.

“As a preventive medicine, it’s unequalled. I could have never lasted as long as I did in the NBA without it” – Kareem Abdul Jabbar, NBA Player & Bikram Yoga Student