I finally plucked up the courage to invite friends, family, current and future yogi’s to LIKE my new FB page Yogee – Yoga Class Directory.

Up until last week I had the page published but hadn’t told anyone about it. Only my lovely web designer had liked it!  

It was reading a yoga magazine about summer solstice that prompted me to take action.

This is the time to check in with where you are at mid year. Have you achieved? Have your goals changed? A time to reinvigorate or change things for the second half of the year.

I realised my goal to launch a platform to help others yoga classes had only been half achieved.

My website and FB page were up and running and I was busy busy busy but the truth was I wasn’t actually helping anyone.

The main reason being no-one knew Yog-ee.com existed.

Fear was my hurdle.

  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear that people didn’t like what I was doing.
  • Fear that I would get things wrong.
  • Fear of negative comments.
  • Fear of putting myself out there.

Fear in fact has always been a huge part of me.

Confident on the outside and to others, but don’t make me go public! (being famous must be a nightmare)

I knew my intention was sincere and I really wanted to help people find yoga and teachers find their tribe of student (who will love what they do)

Summer is here I knew I had to step up and launch.

Thankfully the response so far has been great.

Thank you to everyone for liking and sharing.

I hope I can help you find a yoga class too ?