108 Sun salutations

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Benefits of Yoga

Yog-ee guest blog By Lindsey Porter of www.yoganuu.com

 I’ve always read with mild interest and much incredulation about the seasonal 108 rounds of sun salutations or Surya Namaskar. This year I’ve decided to embrace, explore and attempt them on the summer solstice (20 June 2016). Why now? Well perhaps a bit random but I was at my usual Friday yoga class on one of the Fridays around the Easter holidays and on this one day, no one showed up. My first reaction was of feeling deflated and my second, turning on my inner critic and reasoning that it must be a reflection of how good my classes are. And then…I made a positive choice to banish the blues and turn this into a great opportunity to do some self practice in this fab dance studio I have the pleasure of hiring each week. I decided to dedicate some time to my sun salutations and as my flow became slightly more meditative and with less huffing and puffing (I could let it all out as I was on my own!) my thoughts began to change. My initial thinking of how could it ever be possible to manage the 108 turned into thinking that, as a teacher I am often encouraging others to push through barriers, mental as well as physical to find that next edge during practice, how was this any different? I decided this: I needed to lead this one from the front, grab it by the horns and keep my sense of curiosity and humour about me. And in that moment I set an exciting intention and changed the vibe of my whole day to a buzzing positive one!

I wonder how often you can catch the train of your thought and especially if its going in a downward spiral direction, how you can stop its momentum and create an opportunity to turn it into something positive. We’d love to hear from you when you do!

Since that day a few weeks ago now, my intention remains strong and as is often the case the universe is beginning to conspire to support me. I’ve received some great advice tips from various Facebook Yoga Teaching groups on how to work up to the event and much more than that – I’m finding myself enjoying a new inner and outer journey.

Let me expand, in numbers. In week one I’d get to about round three and notice my ragged breath, my sluggish, reluctant, questioning mind pattern. Then gradually once I’d gotten to beyond five I could sense hope and optimism seeping in. Then past ten I started to feel I was going with the flow, enjoying the tranquil meditative flow.

After two weeks, I was starting to actually look forward to my time whether in the morning or late evening to work through the flow. I always modify. I’m conscious of protecting my shoulders, neck and lower back. I can feel the muscles working but also gradually getting stronger physically. On my birthday last week I gave myself a present and accomplished 27 of them in one go. It’s still hard to see getting to 108 but for the first time I can see it may be possible for me.

No matter how accomplished we are in however many areas of our existence, I believe there’s always a challenge out there to kick us back into humbleness and it’s a positive thing. It keeps up alert, aware and encourages us to be and show compassion. It doesn’t matter if this means to ourselves or others – it all merges eventually.

This is yoga. This is my yoga. Union of self; mind, body, breath. Perhaps it’s this to be cherished even more than reaching that magic number in June.

Where is your yoga taking you today and how will you know when you get there?

Lindsey of Yoga~Nu~U is an experienced Akhanda Hatha Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner. She offers yoga classes, one to one instruction in and around Falkirk as well as co-hosting Wellbeing Retreats (combination of yoga, hill walking and NLP coaching) in the Scottish Highlands and overseas. Find out more at: www.yoganuu.com